Welcome to the Lunchbox

My inspiration for The LunchBox was born when my son was a baby and having a conversation with another mom at a café seemed impossible. The constant escaping, picking up other people’s food remnants off of the ground, and getting in the way of restaurant guests and staff made it impossible to finish an entire coffee without having to chase the kids around.

I always thought to myself, “WHY ISN’T THERE A JAIL FOR THE KIDS?” Now there is! OK, it’s not a jail. But it’s a solution for parents to enjoy some uninterrupted coffee time, maybe even some eye contact (imagine that!) with other adults while their children play in a safe and clean environment: our “BOX”.

I call it the “adult-friendly” kids café because at first glance, you wouldn’t know it was a place for children. Being a mom is my #1 priority, of course. But I’m a big believer that parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice their own enjoyment for their kids. And sitting in a sea of singing cartoon characters and rainbow everything isn’t my definition of an enjoyable afternoon. We offer the ambience any adult would enjoy along with healthy but tasty food options for the entire family.

Food. Yes…let’s talk about the food.

Moving here from San Francisco, CA seven years ago was quite a culture shock…mainly to my taste buds. I’ve been on the hunt for food that reminds me of home ever since; an endless search that has mostly led to bad imitations of “American” cookies and brownies loaded with sugar and artificial fillers. We offer American-style comfort food as well as homemade baked goods too good to pass up.

The LunchBox is for people with or without kids. Anyone who wants a killer chocolate chip cookie or a place to throw a private party, big or small. We have a little something for everyone so stop by for a visit…see you soon!

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Our food


Our drinks


Espresso 1,70

Espresso Macchiato 2,00

Americano 1,80

Cappuccino 2,60

Latte Macchiato 2,70

Matcha Latte 3,60

Hot Chocolate 3,00

Any drink iced +1,00

Substitute Soy or Almond Milk 0,50


Still or Sparkling Water  2,00/3,90

Apfel or Holunderschorle  2,80

Assorted Fritz Sodas  2,80

Seasonal Iced Teas  3,00